What is Madhyam

MADHYAM is a non–profit charity organization formed to promote Indian classical art forms in New Jersey and Tri-state area. All the volunteers are like minded people who are classical art lovers. This is necessarily an organization of the people by the people of the people.

Classical Music & Dance have been scientifically proven to enhance Math skills in children & develop confidence & discipline in addition to helping them to channel the enormous potential & energy they have within themselves. We want to give the real knowledge and insight of rich, ancient Indian culture to  all the Indians, south-east Asians & the overwhelming no. of Americans who study Indian classical music & dance with great dedication & compassion.

Madhyam is unique in this perspective & founded for this sole purpose by Archana Joglekar a renowned Kathak dancer and critically acclaimed director, writer and actress both in films & television.

MADHYAM literally means media or path offered. Thru Madhyam we conduct music and dance festivals of legendary maestros bringing there by the best in the field of classical arts for all the local students to observe and learn. We also conduct various work shops, lectures and demonstrations of visiting scholars and senior artists for local students.

And we conduct a very special show to showcase the local talents who are learning classical art forms with dedication and sincerity.

This is genuine effort to bring the world together, with a common bond of music and feeling of universal brotherhood through the magic of music & dance.

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