Dr. Alka Deo Marulkar - Hindustani Vocal


A Versatile Vocalist,
A  Purist  and
an Experimentalist.

A worthy daughter  and disciple of the veteran Pt. Rajabhau Deo, who has been known as an outstanding vocalist of Gwalior, Kirana and Jaipur Gharanas. Since her early childhood, she started receiving rigorous training from her father, Pt. Deo, who groomed ans chiseled Alkaji’s Gayaki by synthesizing the salient aesthetic qualities of the above mentioned Gharanas. This intensive and expanded training for more than 35 years enabled her to visualize and analyze the Raagas with various perspectives.

She also received  a very systematic training from another veteran of Jaipur Gharana- Pt. M.S. Kanetkar. Her ‘Gayaki’ consists of solidity of Gwalior, romanticism of Kirana and intellectuality of Jaipur Gharanas, with an added flavour of subtle rhythmic approach, towards her presentation.

Her purely Purab style of Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Hori, Kajri makes her a very remarkable singer of semi- classical music also. Her unique concerts have been appreciated and analyzed by the connoisseurs and ardent music lovers, throughout India and abroad  along with the knowledgeable  music critics through various articles in the newspapers and noted magazines.

Creative genius

A versatile composer in Classical music. She has made enormous contribution to the world of Hindustani classical music by composing new Raagas and bandishes in popular Raagas. Her compositions, with the pen name RASARANGA,  are a good blending of aesthetics and intellect in the poetry as well as musico-rhythmic structure. A music composer of the lyrics of the great marathi poet Late B.R. Tambe collected in her composite program ‘MADHUGHAT’.

A very rich expression of Thumri, Dadra, Kajri, Hori, Chaiti in a purely Benaras style through ‘PURABIA’.
The music composer of traditional lyrics invocating the greatest Hindu God Shri Badrinath especially for the cassette album ‘TEERATH’ released by Music Today and that of lyrics invocating God Shri Ganesh by saints belonging to the tradition of Moraya Gosawi for the cassette album “AAJI AANAND AANAND”. These cassette albums make her remarkable as an intense singer as well as a sensitive composer of devotional music.
An Outstanding Lecture Demonstrator
Alkaji has been acknowledged by the music critics, musicologists and artistes as an excellent orator who can fluently express the thoughts related to the abstract and subtle Raagas.  Following  are her major contributions.
  • Vasant Vyakhyan Mala
  • Musiquest
  • Gaanvardhan lecture series
  • Sawai Gandharva Samiti Shikshan Mandal
  • A special concert lecture on Jaipur Gharana before the knowledgeable Music lovers in Ahemadabad.
A Music Thinker and Writer
She has following articles to her credit.
  • Raaga That, Bandish Bhav (Mukta Sangeet Samvad)
  • Premanjali (Swarangan)
  • Maza Swar- Shabda Shodh ( Sahitya Suchi- Diwali Edition)
  • Sangeet prashikshan-ek prakat chintan (Rashtra Mat, Goa)
  • Sur Sangat- a series of 18 articles on the personality and Gayaki of the prominent Classical artistes of India, whose unforgettable performances influenced her acute sensitivity about music. (Navprabha, Goa)
She has been interviewed by the music critics in
  • Srti- Marathi Magazine
  • The Times of  India- Pune Plus- English
  • Aaj (Varanasi) Hindi
  • Navshakti (Mumbai)
  • Sakal (Pune) Marathi
  • Indian Express (New Delhi) English
  • Loksatta (Mumbai) Marathi
A Performer
She has been giving concerts in almost all the major cities in India; her concerts have been appreciated by the music lovers as ‘unforgettable’, ‘unique’ and ‘outstanding’.
Has performed in almost all the major conferences of National level, to name some
  • Pt. Bhaskabua Bakhale Samaroh - Chandigarh
  • Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan - Mathura, Vrindavan
  • Tarun Kalakar Parishad - New Delhi
  • Tansen Sangeet Samaroh - Gwalior
  • International Music Festival - Jaipur
  • Sawai Gandharva Samaroh - Pune
  • Pt. Paluskar Samaroh - Indore and New Delhi
  • Shankarlal Festival - New Delhi
  • Deenanath Mangeshkar Conference - Goa
  • International Trade Organisation - New Delhi
  • Jaipur Gharana Conference - Bhopal
  • Alladiya Khan Smriti Samaroh - Jaipur
  • Vasantotsav - New Delhi
  • Sur Samaroh - New Delhi
  • Sa Ma Pa conference - Vibhuti festival, New Delhi
  • Traveled Europe, Canada and U.S.A for the performances and had the Honor to perform in the India Festival, on the occasion of Deepavali in Manhattan and New York in 1998.
  • She was invited for performing in the BMM Convention (Brihan Maharashtra Mandal, USA) in Calgary, Canada in 2000 where she presented the compositions of the the marathi poet B.R. Tambe under the project- Madhughat.
  • She had been honored as the “artiste of the month” (march 2009) by ITC- Sangeet research Academy, Kolkatta, in their website - http://www.itcsra.org
Has given concerts in Tuesday and ‘Saturday’ National Broadcast of A.I.R, Vividh Bharati and Doordarshan, Akashwani Sangeet Sammelan (2007 and 2009).
A widely appreciated 20 episode unique project on the Legendary film music director entitled as “MADAN MOHAN KI RACHANAOMEIN SHANSTRIYA SANGEET”  in Vividh Bharati Sangeet Sarita, in which Alkaji has recited the immortal film songs composed by Madan Mohan with a special focus on their co-relation with Hindustani Raagas in Classical Music. This program was recorded in 2006 and has been broadcasted thrice in the last three years. Was invited by the rotary club of Pune Lokmanyanagar to present some of the immortal compositions of Madan Mohan on the occasion of  his felicitation and award posthumously.
An Ardent Guru
She gives special training to the talented students who take music as a life long carreer. She had been working as a Guru in Lalit Kala Kendra, University of Pune for 12 years when she gave training to M.A. students with an absolute perspective for grooming them into good music academicians as well as knowledgeable performers. All of her students have excelled in this subject.
She had an honor to work as the director of Faculty of Indian Music and Dance in Kala Academy, Goa from 2002 to 2007. During her tenure, she taught post graduate and research students and has a credit to create a very innovative syllabus (titled as SAAMAD ) for the students of vocal music from  foundation to post post graduate (research) levels, with a vision to create to develop  young talents as good performers as well as musicologists. The syllabus was highly appreciated by the ministry of education, Govt. of Goa. At present she is training talented students from all over the country and USA, in a rigorous Gurukul tradition.
Commercial Releases
Her two cassettes of rarest morning and night Ragas are released by Alurkar Music House.
The following releases contain compositions, musically composed and presented by Alkaji
  • Archana - a rich musical expression of Surdas, Meera, Kabir, Dyaneshwar.
  • Aaji Ananda Ananda - devotional as well as traditional approach along with imaginative musical delineation of the devotional songs on Lord Ganapati composed by the medieval saints of Maharashtra namely Moraya Gosavi, Chintamani Maharaj etc
  • TEERATH(released by Music Today)- Traditional devotional songs invocating the greatest Hindu God Shri Badrinath.KRISHNAMAYI- presentation of Premanjali- the devotional Bhajans of Maa Indira Devi.
  • AMRUTGHAT - the musical expression of the poems of legenday marathi poet B.R. Tambe.
Press Appreciates
  • Maharashtra Herald (1990) - her music reflects several notable features, full command over the notes, rhythms, gifted with a melodious voice and by diligent practice it has acquired a suppleness that can negotiate any difficult turn and twist.
  • The Hindu (New Delhi 1992) - a crowning performance of the entire Festival, (Pt. Paluskar Samaroh) came from the talented vocalist of Pune Dr. Alaka Deo Marulkar... The event of the year.
Personal Profile
  • Born on 4th December 1951.
  • M.A. English Literature
  • Sangeet Alankar- M. Mus (with first position in India)
  • Sangeetacharya (Dr. of  Music)
  • A research scholar in Shri Aurobindo’s epic “Savitri”
  • Esteemed vocalist of All India Radio
  • Honored with titles ‘Sangit Kaumdi’ by Trinity Club- Mumbai and ‘Gaan Saraswati  by Pracheen Kala Kendra - Chandigarh
  • Awarded with the talent scholarships by the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy and the Dept. of Culture New Delhi.
  • Has been empanelled in the list of topmost artistes of India by the I.C.C.R.
She was holding the prestigious post of the Director of the faculty of Indian Music and Dance, Kala Academy, Panaji Goa, from 2002 to 2007.

House No. 247, “Kamodini”,
Perigol, Kavalem,
Goa - 403 401.
Phone - (0832) 2335741
Mobile - (0) 9822137096, 9822155681.